Get Busy Living! -TG

About Tom

Helping Families with Blood Cancers

"Get Busy Living" was his mantra and "believe in the goodness of people" was a phrase that he took to heart. Tom had a laugh that could be heard across a campground, an illuminating smile, and an unbreakable commitment to his family. When one needed a pick me up, "Call Tom" was the general opinion of his friends. He had a larger than life personality that made a positive, lasting impression on everyone he interacted with.

From the moment of his diagnosis in December 2007, Tom exemplified an unflagging positivity and courage for the next 21 months. Leukemia victimized not only Tom, but his family as well and our goal as an organization is to alleviate some of the hardships for ALL who are affected by this disease.

The Tom G Foundation was formed on the basis of embracing Tom's "Get Busy Living" approach to life, with the ultimate goal of helping other families fight and overcome the horrors of Leukemia.